The Good in Goodbye

I assume the person who concocted  the word GOODBYE did so in a situation where he wanted to get out of so badly. But how about if you’re so happily engrossed in a certain situation that you just want to stay at it for a long time? Is it still a good bye?

The last day of April 2010 would be the last day I’ll be working in this frigid edifice. My summer job experience in Touch DDB will certainly be missed, treasured and remembered. Like most of my new experiences, this 10-day work experience provided me with many firsts. First desk with a PC (not counting my table at home, of course!), first office mates at a real office, first trip to McKinley Hill and Two World Square, 16th floor where Touch DDB headquarters is located and  firsthand experience with the career I intend to venture in after 4 or 5 years.

More than the work itself are the people from whom I gleaned many information and school and work experiences. Two of my superiors graduated from the same university and course that I will take in college: University of Asia and the Pacific; course: Integrated Marketing & Communications. Seeing them perform in their respective positions and enjoy certain perks and privileges, I was excited to enter college and go through what they have gone through a few years ago. My office mates sitting beside me and around me are friendly and down-to-earth, too. To all these people: Ms. Pat, Ms. Julia, Sir Miko, Sir Eugene, Sir Paul, Ms. Mabel, Ms. Des (for the free magazines!), Ms. Em, Sir Rollie, Sir Chris, Ms. Lani and Ms. Pax thank you for answering all my questions, inviting me to eat with you everyday, teaching me your personal experiences and going out of your way to talk to me. 🙂 They are all noted and very much appreciated. Thank you for the mini ‘despedida’ you had for me! 😀

Next to God–Who gave me life– and my parents–through whom God gave my life–, I owe my utmost gratitude to Ms. Dimples Cruz. Our dinner together with my family in Max’s would be one of my most memorable nights. This amazing woman opened the door for an experience that I truly cherish. Thank you, po, for seeing the little potential I had and introducing an avenue where I can learn more about that potential. May God bless you indeed.

And of course, there are my parents. Dad, thank you for  tirelessly bringing me to work in the morning and picking me up from it in the afternoon in all those 10 days. You are the best driver and dad. Ever. Mom, you’re awesome,  too. Had you not met Tita Dimples and worked in the industry yourself, these would all be impossible. I love you both.

So I guess there really is good in goodbye. They make you sit down, reminisce on the memories created and look forward to the hopeful future that lies ahead. Goodbyes signal that the job is done; it’s time to move on to another level, to prepare for something even bigger. Indeed, the best is yet to come.


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