Sex Education: Don’t Try This at The Classroom

Lessons are learned best outside the classroom. There is much truth into this saying because there are some lessons that you just cannot and must not study and learn inside the classroom.

I am talking about sex. Sex education should not be treated like a math or science subject where the teacher lectures in front, gives a quiz later and an exam a month or two after. Unfortunately, authorities disagree. The United Nations made sex education a part of the curriculum of all member nations. Since the Philippines is one such member, most of her leaders agree to integrate in Philippine education. As an adolescent with two younger brothers, I plead to you, Department of Education, DO NOT integrate sex education in our curriculum!

I am strongly against this because, as a Christian daughter, I believe sex is a matter worth studying at home. Parents are the best teachers. Even if a person is a love child or his/her parents do not live together, the parents are the only bona fide teachers of this subject. Experience is not the main qualifier–obligation is. Along with purity and holiness, sex should be taught by the parents only because parents are to be involved in the finding of their children’s partners in life. Teachers do not have the right to be involved in the romantic life of people; parents do. Besides, what if the teacher is single? All the more, he or she is not qualified to teach because he or she does not know the circumstances, emotions and values behind love making! Then again, it’s not primarily experience. School teachers should teach their own children, not their school pupils.

Another area I dislike about this movement is the fact that sex education begins to be taught at the tender age of nine. Nine years old! When I was nine, I thought little of marriage, much so sex! Sure, I knew about it, but I had no interest in it. I have an 8-year old brother. I do not want to hear him say one day in the dining table, “Hey, sis, I learned how to have sex in school today!” Or maybe my other brother, when he becomes a teenager, would want to see what a condom is like. It all paints a picture I do not appreciate (and so do my parents) at all!

Sex is a serious matter that should be taught at home by legitimate parents. Sex is not just about a male and a female lying in bed, naked. In fact, sex is a gift from God! It’s His wedding gift for a husband and his wife. It is a privilege that should be shared by married people only. Sadly, many single participate in it and think lightly of the sin they commit. Sex is holy. It becomes impure outside marriage.

The classroom is a great avenue for learning, but not for sex education. Please, DepEd, consider your decisions again. Think deep. Criticize. Go back to the Bible, the manual for all things holy. See what God has to say.


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