Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

I highly believe that no one could match the nervousness and excitement that the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge,  Mr. and Mrs. William Mountbatten-Windsor (got that from Huffington Post), felt during their highly anticipated and watched wedding ceremony at the Westminster Abbey and two short and sweet kisses at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. Nevertheless, I, for some reason, feel happy and excited for them. For one, I love watching weddings and seeing two beautiful people enter a most sacred and precious commitment. Also, I have always wanted to see (even if it’s just on TV) a real royal wedding. It appears to me that immediate public kissing between newly wed royals is seen only in movies in fairy tales. This belief (which I never realized I believed with my entire being until today) made me disappointed when Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge only kissed for about 2 seconds–albeit twice. Still I expected a 10-second, Kate-lifts-her-right-foot kind of smooch that would blow the 2 billion and more audience away. I also expected the ceremony to be as heartwarming and touching as modern-day weddings where audience members shed tears and the couple says their vows. The wedding would have gone much better as far as I’m concerned if the William and Kate said their DIY wedding vows to each other. So much for expectations. =))

This is actually quite a delightful day for me. I can’t wait for my parents to come home tomorrow from Australia! 🙂 Earlier this afternoon until evening, I had my hair rebonded. Inside the salon, I viewed the royal wedding ceremony, otherwise known as the wedding of the century. Kate’s “mystery” dress was elegant and beautiful contrary to the OTT (over-the-top) and puffy dress (or drapes I must say) of the late Lady Diana. Prince William’s wife beamed throughout the ceremony and pageantry most especially when she walked out of Westminster Abbey married and  rode the carriage with her equally adorable husband. I giggled inside while I stared at the couples’ eyes and smiles, praying that one day, I, too, would have a very beautiful and joyful wedding with my prince (sans the 2 billion and extravagant arrangements, of course).

As the ceremony and pageantry carried on a while ago, I kept thinking: Oh please, I hope and pray that they don’t separate. Divorce is one of man’s most abominable concoctions; in fact, it’s a sin. If there’s anything Prince William and Duchess Kate should know, it is this: the rest of their days as a married couple won’t be as beautiful and glamorous as their wedding day. Sure, they may have all the money in the world and never experience poverty, but the temptations, struggles, problems and setbacks that millions of couples all over the world face today, they would have to face. Marriage, like Christianity, is impossible–apart from the guidance, leadership and direction of its Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. The ceremony the whole world witnessed today is merely a dot in the chapter of the couple’s lives. 🙂

During the commercial breaks of the wedding coverage, I thought of the wedding that I want to have. Apparently it’s every girl’s dream to get married to the man God reserved for them! 🙂 A wedding is set apart from all other formal gatherings; it’s the only event where two people formally, in front of 2 or more witnesses, declare their vows for each other–vows which they swear to keep faithfully in the sight of God. For this reason, I actually find weddings dangerous–dangerous in such a way that the person getting married has these vows tied to him or her for the rest of his/her life, and he/she can’t break free from it until the day one or both of them die (s). When you think about it at first, marriage does not seem appealing. But you know why God values it so much and why it is very much beautiful? Because marriage is the start of a F.A.M.I.L.Y (Father And Mother I Love You) and God desires families to flourish and enjoy Him intimately. Unfortunately, many couples see their marriage as a thing they should keep to themselves. When a person is married, he or she must give him/herself away completely to the point that others can’t distinguish who’s who except with the physical appearance! Marriage is wonderful and it takes three people to conquer it: man, woman and God. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos of the wedding grabbed from different sources. 😀

Her smile is gorgeous 🙂

katakot yung mga gwardya =)) o___o

❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

Congratulations, Prince William and Duchess Kate! Thanks for making my day  even if you’re thousands of miles away from me. :>


(in order of appearance of photos)

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2011 Royal Wedding Stamps

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

  1. I wasnt able to watch any of the wedding here in peru (i have no tv and i was passed out cold during the live webcasts)
    but i have seen the pictures and i can help but feel like im part of this wonderful little fairy tale as well.
    what girl doesnt dream of a big fairy tale wedding and life??

    i think its so wonderful that in this day and age.. with so much turmoil going on in the world, we still have something so special to gush over…
    i think Kate looked so beautiful and radiant.. and yes her smile is contagious.
    She looks so confident.
    i only wish Princess Diana was there to see her little prince marry his princess… what a beautiful and amazing thing that would have been.


    great post by the way ❤

    1. Awww, it’s okay! The royal wedding broadcast is all over the Internet so watch it once you get the chance! 🙂

      Thank you for reading and appreciating my post. 😀 Commentators on various channels kept asking how this wedding would have been if Princess Diana were present. I think William would have smiled more broadly–not that he’s unhappy–but I’m sure he would have loved to see his mother witness his own marriage. 😀

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