I May Be In College But I’m Still A Kid

I have a confession to make: I’m still really a kid (as much as I wanted to sound and act a little like an adult). I don’t know for you, but for me, one of the characteristics of an adult is street smart or at least knows his/her way around a particular vicinity whether via commute (travel via public vehicle) or private vehicle. Sometimes I concoct philosophical morals (which make sense) and act like a boss to my younger brethren and other younger mortals, but deep down, I’m still a kid. I’m still very much dependent on my parents for almost everything except walking, eating, breathing and feeling. Unlike most adolescents my age in the past (by past I mean the years before I was born) who did a lot of things on their own, I still do a lot of things with my parents: enrolling in college (yes, COLLEGE), attending a party (only for bringing and fetching) and even dating each other (yes we do that). Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out and doing things together with my parents, but like a small fragile chick who just finished Flight 101, I also want to try out spreading my wings and flying all by myself.

Today I was given that opportunity. Due to time constraints, I had to take a college entrance exam and commute to that university (and it’s my first time to go there) all by myself. I commute often, but I’ve never gone inside a university to take an exam or enroll without a parent or guardian beside me. Not even in high school. This is a first. :p

After asking my dad for commute directions and gathering the documents I thought I needed, I kissed my parents goodbye, hopped on a tricycle, made para (stopped) at the terminal, hopped on a jeepney and sped away. I believe my lovely father explained the directions clearly and perfectly, but I did not believe when I saw the red light flash, warning my train of thought: you really don’t know what he’s talking about now, do you? o_____o It’s strange how I can’t decipher the city I grew up in! Am I really that clueless? Β Anyway, I ignored the stop signal and broke the law by saying,

“Yeah, yeah, I know that.”

So after 3 minutes of jeepney travel, guess what?

*dials home number*

Me: hello?

Josh (receiver): yes who is this?

Me: Josh! Can I please talk to Dad?

*Josh calls Dad. Dad goes to phone*

Dad: honey how are you?

Me: Dad, what are the landmarks of my stop??

And so our conversation went on for about 2 minutes, me mostly doing the talking and the nodding of the head even if I can’t picture out the place he described over the phone. I’ll just ask adults for directions. Surely they know.

I got down at the first landmark, McDonald’s, and walked for about 7 minutes to my destination. I owe it to my dad for teaching me how to go to the university, but I wish he taught me a shorter route. 😐 Thankfully the weather knew of my problem with directions and so calmed me by sending a powerful wind that almost blew me away–literally–and raped my hair. Reminds me of the Y-U-No-Guy photo:

So I just laughed it all of while walking along The Columns Strip

until I reached

As soon as I got inside the building (break from hair rape finally) and registered myself, I dashed to the restroom to fix myself. πŸ™‚ Having found a haven inside the ground floor restroom, I reached for my make-up kit, water bottle, cologne and cellphone. Daddy had to know I was safe. πŸ™‚

Me: the one you taught me was a far route!

Dad: sorry, but are you okay there?

Me: yep. I’m in the restroom.

Dad: are you sure you’re fine?

Me: yep. I’m just waiting for 1 PM ’cause that’s when the test would start. I love you!

Dad: okay bye honey, I love you.

That lonely yet happy adventure lit up the next four hours of my life as I took the exam. My mind went crazy over abstract. I thought I would find Math difficult! But then again, it’s the end that matters.

I’m a candidate for a merit scholarship, too! Unfortunately, transferees cannot avail of the scholarship no matter how awesome they are. 😦

So does taking an exam by myself and commuting to a place I haven’t been before successfully make me an adult? Maybe, maybe not. That’s when I realized I don’t want to rush becoming an “adult.” I enjoy running back to my Daddy when I’m lost, when I don’t know what to do. I feel safe knowing the fact that I have a wonderful family to run home to when I ride the wrong jeepney or have no enough money to pay for my “needs.” As cliche as this sounds, I shall still say it: I may not be the most likable sister and daughter all the time, but I really, really do love you guys: Dad, Mom, Josh and James! πŸ™‚Β 



Happy weekend!


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