Casual Fashion In A Dash

Have you ever caught yourself staring for five minutes in your cabinet because you are uncertain of what to wear for work or school?

Stare no more! Or at least decrease staring time by four minutes. Yesterday, I learned that there are 6 categories under the “casual” category (including the business attire). This fashion piece of info can help you (and me, being guilty of my own question) pick out the right outfit for the day as fast as possible. Lest you think 6 categories are too difficult to digest, read on. You’ll realize how simply power dressing really is. 🙂

Everyday clothes (excluding house clothes and formal attires) can fall into one or two of the following categories:

  1. Rugged casual – Think hooded jackets, jeans-and-sneakers, comfy long sleeved blouses. Don a rugged casual look on a team building outing/activity, camping trip, mountain hiking, and other outdoor activities that require lots of walking. This style is also apt for the rainy season.  
  2. Active casual – This style screams SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT! Rubber shoes, jogging pants, running shorts, and all other gym/sports clothing belong to this category. The differences between rugged and active casual clothing are that active casual clothes are lighter and show more skin than rugged casual clothes.  disclaimer: the Wolverine physique and charming Australian face do not come with the outfit. 
  3. Sporty casual – Surprisingly, this style leans more on the  lazy Saturday get-up than a Wednesday gym trip attire. Shorts, gladiator sandals, Vans sneakers, T-shirts, tank tops,  and capris are staples of this style. The aim of sporty casual attire is to dress comfortably and fashionably without touching on the extremes: overdressed (formal) or under-dressed.   
  4. Smart Casual – This is one of the categories which is divided into 2 subcategories: low-scale and upper-scale. Low-scale smart casual style is apt for ordinary workdays (to those with no prescribed uniform or specific style by the company), Sunday lunches,  and parties (depending on the type of party, of course). An Upper-scale smart casual attire is more formal (because of the 3/4 or full-sleeved polo/blouse), but minus the blazer. Jackets add depth to both scales, but if partnered with jeans, the outfit is automatically low scale. The bottoms apt for upper-scale outfits are slacks and black cotton pants.  low-scaleupper scale low scale for men upper scale 
  5. Business attire – this, too, is classified as lower scale and upper scale. Differentiating between the two scales is easy: when the color and style of the top and bottom outfit match, the look is said to be upper scale. Mixing two colors in a business attire makes it low scale. For men, upper-scale business attire can be easily seen because of the black jacket. upper scale lower scale upper-scale for men lower scale 
  6. Dressy casual – now this category is for those who have late-night to early-morning parties to attend to over the weekend. Flashy, stylish, flaunting, and bold, the dressy casual attire spells FUN. Middle-aged and senior people should be more careful with dressing dressy because some pieces are limited to certain age groups. Unless of course you really want to make a statement. The fashion police would still have to penalize you, though, for crossing the boundaries.  

I can’t delve into much detail regarding the seminar just yet so this will be all for now. In the meantime, I hope this piece of fashion information will help you choose the appropriate attire in less than 5 minutes.  Stare in front of your cabinet no more! You’ll be amazed at how much time you will save by keeping in mind these 6 casual categories. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Casual Fashion In A Dash

  1. Great tips! I’m typically aimlessly stare into my closet a few times a week so I feel your pain! Love, love the model’s sunglasses in the sporty casual section, just bought a similar pair of cheap designer sunglasses online and can’t wait to style them up like she did!

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