Locked Up In The Extraordinary

One prestigious career  that I never fantasize about or imagine myself in is being a lawyer. I imagine myself to be a teacher, broadcaster, editor-in -chief of a magazine, director, events organizer, host, and a president of a company, but never a lawyer. Every now and then I think through situations critically and do my best to apply it to my writing, but I accept the fact that my reasoning ability is average. As much as possible, I avoid arguments and if ever I do get involved in one, I seek the fastest way out of it without sacrificing my “dignity.” So imagine my surprise when, about three months ago, I was enlisted for a class on law on obligations and contracts. My current university requires all her pupils to take this 3-unit subject which feels more like it has 6 units  thanks to the heavy workload. Like I said earlier, I lack the essential argumentative skills so I just let my mom decide on what subjects I will take up. Three months later, I realize it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am learning that to be grateful for good things I dislike because they cause me to realign my priorities and shower my attention to things that really matter.

While waiting for law class to start, I unfold my laptop,  open my browser, and play Angry Birds. Simultaneously, I browse through the albums of various local clothing and accessory shops on Multiply and read blogs (credit my being a lady for being able to do multitasking). Thirty minutes after nine, our law professor, Atty. Gigi, arrives only to announce that class will not push through due to a celebration of araw ng wika hosted by students with a Filipino subject. As I was about to rejoice in the goodness lavished upon me today, Atty. Gigi gives us a homework that I  deem “the death sentence from Heaven.”

“Answer all the problems at the end of every section of chapter 4, extinguishment of obligations.”

I open my book and flip through the pages of the 6 sections of chapter 4. The sad thing about answering law problems is that the “spot-the-answer-skip-reading-the-paragraphs” method that I so often use for lengthy, boring readings won’t work. I have no choice but to read all 95 pages chapter 4.

The fact that this homework is a group assignment does not really lighten the load because of the terms given by Atty. Gigi.

“Why do I require you to answer the problems if the answers are in the back pages of the book? (I check. This is too good to be true. But wait….) I don’t just want you to know the articles; you have to explain them. When I give you situations like the ones we had in the previous discussions, you need to explain your answer based on the article. On our recitation, I will ask the weakest link of your group. The grade of your weakest link will be the grade of the group so make sure your weakest link reads all of the sections.”


If I, the supposed “strongest link” in our group is not that competent enough for attorney’s standards, then how much more will the weakest link do?

That’s when it hit me: I need to change the way I study NOW. This homework calls for a realignment of priorities. I consider myself a good student, but God tells me, “that’s not enough. I made you for excellence. Don’t settle for good, better, or even best. Never settle for anything at all because there’s always room for improvement. I’ll tell you when to settle down.”

O__________O I know where this is going. I leave the room and head to the library.

On my way there, I realize what I have been valuing in my collegiate life:

  1. Studying ordinarily
  2. Making sure I don’t miss out on the latest trends and social activities
Not that I disdain studying or totally neglect it (otherwise I wouldn’t be a dean’s lister last year–praise God!), but as a child of God who happens to be a student, I ought to surpass ordinary. To me, this means forgoing the premiere of a movie that I have been dying to watch since the release of the trailer on the week of midterm exams. Keeping the balance between ministry in school (beginning a Bible study soon!) and academia requires that I eliminate all distractions–actual and potential–even if most of them are good in themselves such as social networking, blogging, playing Angry Birds, and having a CSI:NY and Miami marathon. I need to change my activities of rest to: adequate sleep, proper exercise, reading law and accounting books, listening to my favorite music, laughing, and spending time with God, family, and friends (oh and also eating. Oh wait, I always do that hahaha)
Starting today, I pronounce a death sentence on my regularity on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  The Lifeline, Angry Birds, and all other actual and potential distractions. I will still use these accounts from time to time, but by the grace of God I shall exercise discipline with my length and frequency of usage (definitely not everyday). The fear of not being kept abreast with the things going on around me is counteracted by God’s promises that:
“He will work all things for my good because I love Him, because I am called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
“He knows the plans He has for me; plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)
“There is a time for everything, a time for every season under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
“if I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things [blessings] shall be added unto me.” (Matthew 6:33)
Besides, trends and events just get better and better every year. The “in” things now would be outdated by the time I graduate and enter the corporate world. Like my mom always says,
“May oras para sa ganyan–puro lakwatcha, laro–pero hindi ngayon. Pag nagtrabaho ka na, magagawa mo rin lahat yan at mabibili mo yung mga gusto mo. Kapag ba nag-apply ka sa trabaho, tatanungin ba sayo kung ilang party ang inatendan mo?”
(Translation: “There is a time for those things–lots of trips with friends and games–but nor now. When you work, you can do all those things and buy all the things you want. Why, if you apply for a job, will the company ask you how many parties you have attended?”)

because I want to preserve my hotness. Applies to college students too

Like I said earlier, I never fantasized about courtrooms and judges, but I did imagine myself being handed a college diploma with a calligraphic summa cum laude printed on it. The journey to that dream starts today. So if I posting becomes more and more seldom, you know the reason behind it.
photos c/o reblogs from my Tumblog

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