Reflecting His Beauty: Shamcey Supsup

Towering at 5’7.25″ and forming a smile that captured the hearts of many, Shamcey Supsup was expected to go home with a Miss Universe title on her right hand and all the privileges that come with it on the left. She surpassed the physical requirements: the crowd loved her, she was reputably and obviously intelligent (a top-notcher in the board exam for architecture and a magna cum laude from U.P. Diliman), and her principles and faith in God kept her grounded. Eager Filipinos  held their breaths as the winners were announced from fourth runner-up all the way to the champion. We expected Shamcey’s name to be uttered last.

Well, so much for high expectations, because they were broken once again. After Miss China placed 4th runner-up , Miss Philippines  received her title as a 3rd runner-up to the Miss Universe titleholder, Miss Angola.

I was startled. Third-runner up only? Shamcey had beauty, brains, and a beautiful heart written all over her. How could the judges not see that? Probably they could not see what the rest of the world saw because they wore the wrong pair of sunglasses. Judging genuine beauty is possible only through the eyes of faith–through Beauty Himself.

I admired Shamcey’s straightforward and heartfelt answer simply because she performed her duty as a mirror of her Creator. Should not a Miss Universe titleholder reflect the beauty of the Creator of the universe she represents? The universe’s picturesque scenes take our breaths away. Wait till you see a glimpse of the Creator’s glory. You’ll fall dead in awe.

Shamcey’s answer may have not made sense to some of the judges’s ears, but to the true and all-powerful Judge, it made sense. A whole lot of sense. Until you accept your place in the world as a reflector of God, your life and your world won’t make any sense.

God alone–not even the Philippines, Shamcey’s parents, or General Santos city–deserved all the glory and thanks even if Shamcey lost the crown to Leila Lopez. God glorified Himself His way and He decided not to give His servant the crown. However, He fulfilled His promise to His servant to honor her because she served His Name and gave Him all the glory. So to Ms. Shamcey Supsup, a true beauty queen and to her 90 million+  kababayans, a winner, congratulations. May you continue to reflect your God Who blesses His people in due time. I won’t be surprised if various companies, brands, and personalities would vie for Shamcey’s presence and representation. We need a breath of fresh and true beauty these days. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Reflecting His Beauty: Shamcey Supsup

  1. This is a very well-written blog. I’m teary-eyed while reading this.hehehe..That is so true, Shamcey may not have won the title as the Miss Universe, but who cares? She’s already a princess, an heiress to the throne of the KING. 😉

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