“If Jesus were physically alive today, would He have a Facebook account? Would Jesus stream Netflix? What would Jesus say about dating? If He were in my shoes today, how will He balance time between work, ministry, and family? How will He consume media?”

If you ask yourself these questions or anything remotely similar and are genuinely seeking Christ’s answers, welcome to the club! I constantly ask Jesus how His ancient, Biblical truth applies to my modern, millennial, multi-faceted living. I hope this blog, a documentation of this lifelong search, will help, encourage, and engage you in discovering Jesus and His answers to your own questions. We’re all in this together! 🙂

About Gracing Jenny

I started Gracing Jenny in January 2010 after a renewed desire to share Jesus and express myself online. Because I’m the type of person who was so concerned about marketing and zeroing in on just 1 “brand identity,” I fumbled with what Gracing Jenny really stood for for over five years. In the third quarter of 2015, I sensed a calling from my Master and Lord Jesus Christ to use my blog as an avenue not merely for self-expression, but for discipleship. Thus, mission is to live a life wholly devoted & consecrated to Jesus, and through Gracing Jenny, to pass on what He’s teaching me to my fellow millennials. I will try my best to encourage, edify, exhort, and even entertain.

I believe Jesus is still relevant and essential to us today, and He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, both the mundane and the spiritual. I write about the mundane (a day in a life, movies, crushes) to the spiritual.

If you’re still unsure what I’m about, go to the main page and read away! You can search by topic (see “Topics” page) or for a key word on the sidebar on the right.

About the Author



I am Jennifer Grace, or Jenny for short. Originally from Manila, Philippines, I currently reside in Norwalk, California. As for my ethnicity: my Dad claims I’m half-German, half-Shepherd, but my birth certificate attests that I am 100% Filipino.

I  graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.  I love all things marketing, media, and advertising, except lascivious ones. I enjoy knowing people deeply and uncovering insights about them, and creating plans and strategies for them. Basically I like putting things in order. Occasionally, when opportunity knocks, I host events–parties, church events, gatherings, and the like. In my spare time and when the blog needs a dose of creativity, I do hand lettering. It’s the closest thing I can get to art as I am a frustrated drawer/artist.

Things about me that may or may not be on the blog: I like downloading fonts, smelling (and trying) lotions and perfumes at Bath and Body Works, making a full-course meal out of the samples at Costco, and munching on honey-roasted peanuts while watching Devil Wears Prada and Mean Girls.

For the latest updates, check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! If you’re on Snapchat, add me: gracingjenny. (Actually all my social media accounts are gracingjenny. See, I made things easier for you!)


4 thoughts on “Quick Hello!

  1. Hi Jenny, slamat naman sa natuklasan mo sa paggamit ng panlapi natin…alam ko na nagpost na ako sa FB noon pa siguro meron na 1 o 2 taon na ang nakaRARAAN.

    Sana patuloy pa rin nating suportahan ang matuwid na paggamit ng PANLAPI.. I search kita sa FB para dito.


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