Studying in universities for the past three years has taught me to think critically and creatively, manage my time well (albeit I'm still struggling with this), communicate clearly and effectively, and argue reasonably, among others. By God's grace,I am more intelligent and skilled today than I was three years ago, but I'm still far from … Continue reading Unforgettable


Grace Gracing Grace

Excited, a little apprehensive, but nevertheless, eager to climb mountains, defeat my giants, and embark on new adventures--This is what I looked and felt like when we homo sapiens welcomed 2013 with open arms. My mindset was real, lasting, progressive change; my motto: The old has come, the new has begun. If only it were … Continue reading Grace Gracing Grace

There’s No One I’d Rather Be Than Me

WARNING: This post contains statements which may not be suitable for innocent Wreck-It-Ralph audiences. Parental, spousal, whatever type of guidance is advised.   Have you ever wished you were designed differently as a person? Maybe if you had a different temperament or a different occupation at this stage of your life right now, you would … Continue reading There’s No One I’d Rather Be Than Me

Dreams Come True When You Trust in Him

2 months and 6 days. Has it been that long since I updated this blog? It seemed like forever. Β Anyway, I'm back!! πŸ™‚ I'm still alive, in case you guys are wondering. πŸ˜€ School demanded so much of my time, energy, emotions, and not to mention money the past 2 months. Finally, after more than … Continue reading Dreams Come True When You Trust in Him

Back To Running & Cooking! (Pasta Recipe Included, Too)

Last Tuesday, I started running again! It felt so good to wear my running shoes and run 'till I sweat, pant, and can't talk no more. πŸ™‚ Next to meeting God, running a few kilometers in a garden in the middle of the Makati Central Business District (CBD) is one of the few reasons I … Continue reading Back To Running & Cooking! (Pasta Recipe Included, Too)

[2011 Recap] Highlights Part 2

Bonded more with family Bonded More With Family This year, I made my Dad cry. Prior to June 19, 2011, I never saw my Dad cry. Not a single tear. It's not that he's stoical, but I think since my Mom does the crying of them two, he ought to stay strong and hold back … Continue reading [2011 Recap] Highlights Part 2

On Passion and True Love

When was the last time you saw a romantic movie that exemplifies true love? (those with vampires don't count) What is true love, anyway? Now I know man, for centuries, has attempted Β to concretely define L-O-V-E, so I won't join in my specie's futility. I'll change my question, then: What are the evidences of true … Continue reading On Passion and True Love

Sembreak Part 2: ONE Retreat

The following day after my classic vacation in the breathtaking island of Boracay, I went to Tagaytay for another 3-day retreat, this time with more than 400 college and fresh grad students. If Boracay enthralled me with her turquoise-pearl like waves, amber and baby blue sky,Β  and smooth, granular sand, CCT Tagaytay impressed me with … Continue reading Sembreak Part 2: ONE Retreat

Watching God Be Awesome

OLA! πŸ™‚ I know I have some explaining to do for my absence for more than a week, and it is this: FINAL EXAMS. o________o Surprisingly, the ill-treated "hellweek" did not seem like hellweek at all (at least to me) because I went out almost everyday with family and our balikbayan relatives from Australia. (For … Continue reading Watching God Be Awesome